FACe CARE AT THE Clinique de la CROIX D’OR

Medical aesthetic facial care solutions are effective and even more so when combined. The Clinique Aesthetic de la Croix d’Or in Geneva brings together all the targeted interventions in the field of facial aesthetics. Contact us!


The botulinum toxin is the number one treatment in facial aesthetic injection. The botulinum toxin type A is a treatment aimed at fighting the signs of aging. It is a neuromodulator that will significantly reduce or even erase expression lines and also give the impression of a more relaxed, less contracted or severe face.


The hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally present in the skin. It has a role of architectural maintenance and skin hydration. Over time, the hyaluronic acid tends to decrease making the skin less toned and drier.

Injections of hyaluronic acid can correct wrinkles and fine lines, increase volume and improve skin quality.

the skinboosters

On mature skin, the SkinBooster will stimulate and smooth out atrophied and wrinkled skin. On young skin, it helps to limit the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing and toning the skin.


The peeling is a very old technique allowing stimulation and regeneration of the skin. It involves the application of a specific acidic product to the skin which will penetrate the skin to improve it, often causing redness and sometimes desquamation (hence the name peel).

the PRP

The vampire Lift” PRP injection is an injection technique for the face, neck, low necked and hands that aims to bring growth factors directly to the skin.

The PRP will stimulate the stem cells of the dermis to increase the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin is better hydrated, rejuvenated and more radiant.


The blepharoplasty is a medical or surgical aesthetic correction of the eyelids. It helps to combat sagging skin (dermatochalasis) of the upper eyelid and bags under the eyes (fatty hernias) of the lower eyelid.


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