abdominoplasty or flat stomach surgery

of the session

 90 Min


15 days

resumption of 
physical activity under

1 months

     of the session

from 12’000 CH


Flat stomach surgery tightens the skin in and around the abdomen. It is used in cases of abdominal deformity or of excess fat. As its name suggests, this surgery restores a desirable appearance to the belly, with measurable aesthetic improvement and increased comfort in daily life.


Abdominoplasty helps achieve a sense of well-being when the abdomen is deformed, and when attempts to lose belly fat fall short of expectations.

On the outside, the skin sags and may have stretch marks and scars. It is often distended and is therefore called, unflatteringly, an “abdominal apron” or “muffin top”. Inside, the muscles are pulled apart and stretched, often due to pregnancy.  The muscles in the abdominal wall no longer support and hold the organs in place. One appears permanently pregnant.  Fat can also accumulate in the lower abdomen and around the navel and spread to the hips or even the thighs.


Depending on the case, the operation lasts one or two hours under general anesthesia and on an empty stomach.

The patient is hospitalized the day of the operation for 1-4 days.  Anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory treatments should be avoided ten days before.  In consultation with the surgeon, preventive treatment against swelling and bruises can be prescribed.

During the operation, liposuction of the fatty tissue of the hips is also performed. Due to the position of the patient on the operating table, however, it is not always possible to fully aspirate this section. Following a tummy tuck, the contour of the hips may appear more pronounced, especially when compared to the abdomen that has become flatter.

When the skin still has resistance and quality, liposuction alone can be appropriate.

As soon as the operation is completed, an abdominal compression sheath is administered.


D’une façon générale, l’opération n’est pas ou peu douloureuse. Bleus et gonflement disparaissent après quelques semaines, période pendant laquelle l’abdomen et sa région deviennent moins sensibles. Effet indésirable : le retour à la normale de la sensibilité du ventre se précède d’une période d’hypersensibilité.

In general, the operation causes little or no pain. The bruising and swelling go away after a few weeks, during which time the abdomen and surrounding areas can be slightly numb.  The return to normal sensitivity can be preceded by a disagreeable period of hypersensitivity.

When the incision is in the navel, the threads will be removed after two weeks and the appropriate dressing will be applied. No other stitches need be removed, since the other sutures are made of self-absorbable, dissolvable thread that are buried under the skin.

Follow-up involves wearing a compression sheath day and night for one month or up to one-and-a-half months. During this period, unnecessary effort may get in the way of full recovery. Sports, exertion, and heavy loads should be avoided. Allow one to two weeks away from work, to be determined in consultation with your surgeon.


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