Otoplasty, ear surgery at the Clinique de la Croix d’Or

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1 week

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1 months

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when is otoplasty used ?

Otoplasty is more commonly called cosmetic ear surgery.  Its purpose is to correct an aesthetic defect in the position of the ears in order to pin them back to the head.

Protruding ears can be corrected through cosmetic surgery by removing and repositioning excess cartilage. The operation aims to obtain perfectly natural, symmetrical ears that lie flat against the head.

Otoplasty can be performed on children seven years and older.  At seven, ears are fully developed and have achieved their full adult size. Children are often teased for ears that stick out. This can cause significant psychological damage over the course of a lifetime. Protruding ears are a minor and very common defect that can be corrected easily.

The operation is quick, the result is final, the scar is hidden behind the ear. It is most often performed on children and teenagers, but this corrective ear surgery can also be performed on adults.

How does the operation work ?

The otoplasty takes place after a thorough and interactive medical examination.  During this consultation, the surgeon informs the patient about the type of operation, how it will be performed, and where the scars will be located.

The procedure consists of passing through the back of the ear and correcting the defect in the ear fold by remodeling the cartilage.

The operation lasts thirty minutes for one ear, up to an hour for both and is performed on an outpatient basis. The patient can enter and leave the clinic on the same day. It is not necessary to shave the head before the procedure.  A short haircut or a ponytail is recommended for patients, depending on hair length.

The type of anesthesia used is adapted to the case. For a child who is afraid, for example, we will take the time to perform the operation under general anesthesia, in order to ensure comfort and calm.

Anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory drugs should not be ingested during the ten days prior to the operation. Depending on the advice of the team performing the cosmetic ear surgery, preventive treatment against post-operative swelling and bruising may be prescribed.


Following the operation, the head will be bandaged for protection and support, for 24 hours a day for two weeks, then only at night for another two weeks.  The stitches can be removed after about 2 weeks. Bruises and swelling disappear in two to three weeks, depending on the case.

During the recovery period, physical activities and sports should be avoided as much as possible, in order to prevent accidents. Post-surgery, the ears can be temporarily slightly numb.  Extra precautions should be taken in extremely cold weather to avoid frostbite.

The patient can resume work the day after the procedure if wearing a protective bandage is possible.  If not, absence from work may be advised for up to two weeks.

It is possible to assess the permanent shape of the ears after three months. The aspect of the scars will be definitive after an additional three months. The results are final: the shape of the ears is permanent, and the defects are corrected forever.

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