plastic surgery at the Clinique de la Croix d’Or

The Clinique de la Croix d’Or offers a comprehensive list of surgical solutions for aesthetic body reconstruction and/or plastic correction. Our multidisciplinary team of renowned physicians and surgeons handles all current medical and plastic surgery techniques.

We respond to the aesthetic needs of each case – and therefore of each individual – with a global and personalized approach, finding the best possible response between the needs and expectations of our patients. Remodeling one’s appearance is never a trivial act: our approach is part of a professional and ethical logic, so that the men and women treated at the clinic can find an answer to their project, in the most professional conditions of welcome, respect, discretion, intervention and follow-up.

In the broadest sense, an aesthetic medicine intervention is most often considered as an increase in comfort with the prospect of aesthetic plenitude. However, a patient supervised by a team of seasoned professionals has every chance of benefiting from a real physiological and curative improvement.

surgical interventions for men and women

At the Clinique de la Croix d’Or, you will find all the most common cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women. For example: breast augmentation or reduction, face lifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty, ear surgery and eyelid treatment.

intimate surgery

Our recommendations for intimate surgery are bound to the principles of confidentiality and trust.  Patients are supported before and after each intervention.  We take the requisite time to supervise each project, whether for a man or a woman.  Our team of surgeons performs all types of correction that improve the appearance of the labia majora, labia minora, as well as phalloplasty.

hair care

For many years now, hair loss is no longer unavoidable.  The Clinique de la Croix d´Or offers varied capillary solutions depending on the physiology and situation of each patient, from medical treatments to implants.  Hair implants are a recognized solution for filling in bald patches on the skull, eyebrows and beard.


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