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  • Lift the skin of the face or body
  • Reposition certain volumes
  • Rejuvenate appearance without surgery
  • Reshape the face

The placement of tensor threads is a nonsurgical facelift. This minimally invasive procedure, without scarring, tightens the skin tissue with dissolvable medical grade thread. The results are harmonious and quick.

A tensor thread lift will remodel the contours of the face and body. It is recommended for men and women who wish to regain elasticity and firmness in the skin and to visibly rejuvenate their skin, without resorting to the scalpel.


A tensor thread lift is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. This lifting technique remodels wrinkled and sagging skin.  The great advantage of this procedure is its firming capability without scars.  The skin is not cut, just flatteringly repositioned on the face or the body.

The most remarkable results occur in the middle of the face: namely, the nasolabial folds, mouth frown lines, and jowls.  The facial contour is redrawn, the features become softer and more youthful.

This nonsurgical facelift generally is performed in under an hour, depending on the number of threads placed.  The rapidity of the procedure allows the patient to go home immediately, without missing work.  The threads are absorbed after two years, but the effects of the procedure last beyond this period, providing even longer lasting rejuvenation before a renewed procedure.  The body reacts to the threads by producing more collagen, naturally plumping up the skin in the treated areas.  First results are visible right after the procedure and stabilize in 10-15 days, the time required for the threads to fuse with the dermis.  The face and treated body parts appear more youthful, balanced, and lifted.


As with all medical cosmetic procedures, tensor thread lifting requires a diagnostic consultation with a qualified practitioner.  In this first meeting, the best surgical and nonsurgical options are considered, according to age and the extent of elasticity loss in the targeted areas.  It is determined if tensor thread placement is appropriate for the patient.  This procedure is not necessarily recommended for patients over 55, as it may not be sufficient to obtain a harmonious result for the oval of the face.  The thread lift may be advised in conjunction with hyaluronic acid, or cosmetic surgery may be desirable.  The practitioner will also determine what type of thread will be used (screw or cog threads) and will explain all aspects of the procedure.  If thread lift is the chosen solution, the procedure takes place as follows:

The doctor determines where the threads should be placed.  He applies an anesthetic cream and injects a local anesthesia to the area, then places the threads one by one under the skin.  He then adjusts the threads by pulling gently until the balance of tension is perfect.  The threads are cut, and the patient can admire the results immediately.


The results of the placement of resorbable threads are immediate and set within two weeks.  Small bruises may appear around the entry and exit points of the threads but disappear very quickly.  The tissue rapidly recovers and regains its suppleness.  Facial expressions remain natural, and the patient can soon practice sports.  Recovery continues during the following three months.  If there is any visible unevenness in the skin around the threads, your practitioner will correct it with a targeted massage during your follow-up visit.  The skin will be smooth and reshaped, with the desired lifted effect and a great level of comfort.


The contraindications of a tensor thread lift are:

  • Anticoagulant treatment
  • Herpes, and other skin infections or irritations
  • Allergies to anesthetics
  • Recent ingestion of aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication
  • Excessive sagging of the skin
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