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4 to 6 weeks

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Are you interested in permanent hair removal? Would you like to get rid of the hair once and for all? Today, laser depilation is the only effective, safe and painless way to achieve smooth, hair-free skin permanently.

No more waxing or depilatory cream on sensitive areas! This medical treatment offers women who desire appreciable comfort in daily life (work, swimming pool or beach, sports activities) by avoiding unsightly hair regrowth.

Femme blonde épilée au lase


Laser is a technique that has proven itself in the field of medical aesthetics and especially for permanent depilation. The laser will emit a specific light (monochromatic, coherent, unidirectional), which will allow an increased efficiency on its target.

Women’s main demand for laser depilation is for hair in the bikini area, underarms and legs. Other areas can also be treated by permanent laser depilation such as the forearms, the white line (hairline between the navel and the pubis), the lower back, the buttocks and the breast areolas.

In this case, for permanent depilation, the target is the melanin in the hair (the pigment that darkens the hair). Thus, it is easy to understand that certain types of hair (white, blond, redhead) will not be treatable. For a fair-skinned woman, laser depilation is quite appropriate, but this is not the case for all skin types. For women with matt skin, for example, there is a dark skin laser depilation treatment specially designed to provide optimal results without damaging the skin.

The Clinique esthétique de la Croix d’Or of Geneva also welcomes men for consultations and laser depilation sessions for men.

Would you like to get advices from a doctor? Contact now our medical depilation centre of Geneva to find out more.


The most frequently treated areas are the armpits, legs and bikini. In Geneva, in our medical depilation centre, our team of doctors and specialists offers you the following laser treatments:

ARMPITS LASER hair removal

This is the most frequent request for laser depilation.

The results are excellent and provide a significant cosmetic benefit.

The session lasts on average 15 minutes and the tolerance is perfect.

Sessions are spaced from 6 to 8 weeks apart.

It is important to avoid using deodorant or cream before the session and to shave the hair the day before or the morning of the session.

LEGS LASER hair removal

Patients’ demand is clearly increasing.

This treatment does not present any particular technical difficulties. It simply requires more time to treat a relatively large area of skin (between 30 and 60 minutes depending on whether the thighs are treated). The doctor will square your legs with a dermatological pencil in order to treat all areas correctly.

Session after session, hairiness is reduced and skin quality improves. Hair grows back very slowly and the hairs become finer and finer.

On this area potentially exposed to the sun, it will be necessary to make sure at each session that there is no tanning, and thus the risk of heating the skin tanned by the laser.

BIKINI LASER hair removal

This is a much sought-after area and often associated in the treatment of laser armpits depilation. In terms of bikini shape, the depilation is done according to the patient’s request. Our team is perfectly trained in the different possible shapes. This medical treatment is a very good indication in case of ingrown hairs and pimples related to conventional depilation.

Bikinis in brief:

  • Classic: the laser is passed over the hair that protrudes from the underwear.
  • Indented: in addition to the classic bikini, a part of the pubis (defined by the patient) is treated.
  • Integral: the laser is passed over the entire hairline. It should be noted that due to the specific characteristics of the labia majora, a light underfur may persist after the laser.
Aisselle de femme épilée au laser


The doctors at the Laser Centre of the Clinique esthétique de la Croix d’Or in Geneva are there to listen to you and advise you from your very first session.

The doctor carries out a clinical examination of the areas to be depilated in order to know and visualize their characteristics, and thus determine how to treat them.

Then the doctor will make sure the patient is comfortable and check that the skin is clean and free of any cream or make-up on its surface.

The duration of the session may vary depending on the size and difficulty of the area to be treated, but never exceeds 90 minutes.

Several sessions are recommended (generally 5 to 7 sessions, at 30-day intervals).

In all cases, the treatment and follow-up are always personalized.

Laser treatment is very well tolerated. It should be noted that for certain women and on certain areas (such as the bikini for example), the doctor may suggest the use of an anaesthetic cream to be applied 1 hour before the session on the treatment area.

Don not worry, most women do their treatment without anaesthetic cream.

In some cases, and on specific (often hormonal) areas, a new small shoot may appear. Maintenance sessions may then be necessary (1 per year before summer, for example).


The after-effects are very simple.

A slight redness may occur immediately after the procedure, which will be quickly calmed down by a soothing cream. In rare cases, where the laser has been applied to tanned skin, superficial burns may be observed. Fortunately, these cases are rare and have no long-term aesthetic consequences.


The contraindications to depilatory laser are those of any medical laser:

  • Any progressive dermatological lesion in the treatment area
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Recent tanning or sun exposure
  • Taking a photosensitizing medicament
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