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6 to 8 sessions

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according to area

4 to 6 weeks

4 to 6 weeks

of the session

according to area

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Would you like to start a laser treatment? Do you have matt, mixed or tanned skin? Laser depilation is no longer reserved only for fair-skinned women and men, it is now accessible to all skin types! Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, your Clinique de la Croix d’Or in Geneva allows you to permanently remove all your unsightly hair. Legs, armpits, bikini line, we can make your skin soft and smooth for a long time thanks to laser depilation for matt skins.

Our aesthetic clinic is specialized in laser hair treatment, we accompany you in your project of definitive depilation by treating your hair problems efficiently and durably.


Classic lasers are not at all suitable for the depilation of dark skins. They target the pigment present in the hair (melanin), but since matt skins also contain melanin in the skin (unlike white skins) the risk of burning is high. Fortunately, in order to perform laser depilation without risk, it is possible to use a laser 100% suitable for removing hair from matt skins.

For these types of skin, it is necessary to use a specific technology to avoid any risk of burns, while being effective. The laser used is the Nd-YAG, this latest generation equipment allows the treatment of these phototypes while eliminating the risk of skin burns.

The medical laser centre of the Clinique esthétique de la Croix d’Or in Geneva is equipped with lasers for the removal of hair of matt, dark and black skins.

In addition to body parts, laser depilation can also be performed on the face, especially on the upper lip and chin. Due to its unsightly nature, the hairiness of the female face can be a source of complexes. Radical treatment can sometimes be tricky because of the hormonal nature of this area. It is also necessary to make sure that there are no underlying endocrine pathologies that could limit the result of the laser. Similarly, certain areas should be avoided (cheeks, cheekbones, neck) given the risk of paradoxical regrowth described in certain scientific studies.

Would you like information about permanent laser depilation? To find out about the course of a session or to obtain advice about your skin, contact now our medical depilation centre of Geneva.


The most often requested and treated areas are the armpits, legs and bikini line. In our medical depilation centre in Geneva, our team of doctors and specialists offers the following main laser treatments:

UNDERARM LASER hair removal

This is the most commonly practiced laser depilation.

The results are fast and provide a real aesthetic benefit.

The session lasts on average 15 minutes and is painless.

Sessions are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

The day before or the morning of your session, it is best to avoid putting deodorant or a cream under your armpits. You must shave off your underarm hair to allow the laser to work effectively.

LEGS LASER hair removal

Increasingly solicited by our patients, this treatment does not present any particular technical difficulties.

To treat a relatively large area of skin on your legs, count between 20 and 60 minutes of intervention.

Thanks to laser depilation for matt skin, your hair grows back very slowly and your hairs become finer and finer.

BIKINI LASER hair removal

This is a much sought-after area and often associated in the treatment of laser underarm depilation.

Laser depilation for dark skins is done according to the patient’s request, our laser doctors being perfectly trained in the different possible forms.

Laser depilation is a very good indication in case of ingrown hairs and pimples related to conventional depilation.

  • Classic: the laser is applied on the hair protruding from the underwear.
  • Indented: in addition to the classic bikini, a part of the pubis (defined by the patient) is treated.
  • Integral: the laser is applied to the entire hairline. However, due to the specific characteristics of the labia majora, a light fuzz may persist after the laser.


Do you have an appointment for a first consultation in our medical depilation centre in Geneva? Welcome! Here is how this first meeting will take place.

From your very first session, our specialists at the Laser Center of the Aesthetic Clinic of the Croix d’Or in Geneva are at your disposal.

An aesthetic doctor from the clinic will begin by performing a complete examination of your hair on your body. This first visual examination consists of identifying the characteristics of the areas to be treated, which will determine how they should be treated.

Your skin is suitable for laser treatment and you confirm your definitive depilation procedure? Your doctor will then make sure that you are comfortable and that your skin is completely clean before starting any laser treatment. Once ready, the treatment can begin.

Laser depilation for darker skin is very well tolerated. It should be noted that for some people and on certain areas, the doctor may suggest the use of an anaesthetic cream to be applied 1 hour before the session on the treatment area. This solution on a case by case basis will be proposed to you by the doctor of our medical depilation centre in Geneva, after diagnosis only.

Rest assured, most of our patients perform the entire laser treatment without anaesthetic cream!

The duration of the session may vary according to the size and difficulty of the area to be treated, but never exceeds 90 minutes.

In men with dark skin, for hormonal reasons, a new growth may appear. Maintenance sessions may then be necessary (1 to 2 per year before the summer, for example).

In all cases, treatment and follow-up are always personalised.

The doctors at the Medical Laser Centre of the Clinique esthétique de la Croix d’Or in Geneva are available to listen to you and advise you after each session.


A slight redness may occur immediately after the procedure, which will be immediately treated with a soothing cream. Rarely, if the laser has been applied to tanned skin, superficial burns may be noticed. Fortunately, these cases are infrequent and without any long-term aesthetic consequences.


The contraindications to depilatory laser are those of any medical laser:

  • Taking photo-sensitizing medication
  • Any progressive dermatological lesion in the treatment area
  • Recent tanning or sun exposure
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
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