breast augmentation

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1 week

Resumption of
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1 months

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Breast augmentation now encompasses a very wide range of solutions and materials allowing customization of the shape and volume of the breasts. Regardless of its purely aesthetic or restorative scope, a breast augmentation project must be expertly supervised by a team that knows how to provide the right advice at the right time.

Breast augmentation is performed to beautify the appearance and volume of the breast, in cases of breast reconstruction (following an ablation, for example), for adjustments to weight loss or gain, or to simply counteract the passage of time.  In every case, breast surgery provides intimate reconnection with positive self-image and to one’s own feminine integrity.

Several types of prostheses and materials are available today. They are adaptable to the age and morphology of each woman.  Adjustment techniques are constantly being refined.  Today, with precise prosthetic positioning, it is possible to recreate former corporal dimensions.  Regaining full possession of one’s body enhances the joy of living on a daily basis. The professionals at La Clinique de la Croix d´Or are deeply committed to this essential view. Every breast augmentation plan is “necessary”, simply because it is desired.

Choosing the right prosthetic implant is meticulous work. It must correspond to both the patient’s needs and to the surgeon’s specifications. The success of the operation depends on it, in turn ensuring the patient’s immediate satisfaction and lasting well-being.


Once the patient has been advised, the project considered, the prosthesis chosen, and the preoperative examinations performed, breast surgery can begin. It is a relatively short operation, from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours, under general anesthesia. The operation is performed on an empty stomach. Blood-thinners should be avoided several days before the surgery, except in special cases. Depending on the intervention, the patient is hospitalized between 24 and 48 hours.

The surgeon may collect fatty tissue from other parts of the body such as the knees, stomach, thighs or hips during the operation. This tissue is collected and then injected in precise locations so that the prosthesis is undiscernible once the operation is completed.

The side effects of the operation vary depending on the type of prosthesis selected and its location. They usually last only a few days.  Side effects can include tension and sometimes, a change in the sensitivity of the areola.  In rare cases, treatment for bruising and edema is prescribed.  Showering is possible the day after, since a waterproof dressing is applied to the wounds.


It is possible to return to work only a few days after the operation.  However, the breasts will need special attention for six weeks post-operation. The patient must guard against all shocks and wear a support bra, day and night. In no case may the prosthesis move.  Running and extreme sports are forbidden.

In the first days after the operation, the shape of the breasts may not appear natural.  This is a common phenomenon. It is only in the third month that the breasts acquire their final shape and volume. The scars take on their definitive and discreet appearance after about six months.  They are located, depending on the procedure, under the armpit, under the breast, or even around the areola if the size and color of the latter allow.A breast implant does not necessarily last a lifetime. It requires regular care and consistent medical follow-up exams, including mammograms to check the implants.  Some implants have a lifespan of 10 years, but some patients keep their implants forever.  Replacement due to wear and tear is not always necessary.


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