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If you suffer from functional, aesthetic or intimate discomfort due to the labia minora of your sex, nymphoplasty is the intimate cosmetic surgery adapted to your needs. Thousands of women perform this surgery every year to correct hypertrophy of the small lips, either too developed or drooping.

Solutions provided by nymphoplasty for the labia minora:

  • A younger and revitalized appearance of the female sex
  • Improved sexual pleasure for some patients
  • Short-time procedure


For many reasons, labia minora can vary greatly in shape, symmetry, size and length. These clinical presentations can cause aesthetic, functional or even psychological discomfort that can be corrected.

Nymphoplasty is the intimate cosmetic surgery that improves the aesthetic appearance of the female genital labia. The surgical procedure consists of the partial removal of excess labia minora in the vulvar area, which allows for the permanent correction of their size and various asymmetries.

The remodelling of the area also intervenes to treat the various disorders that can be observed in the clitoral area, the pubis and the labia majora. The results of nymphoplasty are permanent, so only one operation is necessary to treat hypertrophy. In addition to working on the labia minora, a cosmetic surgeon can also intervene to treat women who suffer from enlarged labia majora.

To perform this procedure, the quality of your cosmetic surgeon’s intervention is inseparable from the quality of the medical equipment used. Your aesthetic centre de la Croix d’Or in Geneva has all the equipment and skills to guarantee you the highest quality care.


The first stage of the operation consists of the cosmetic surgeon to delimit the areas of the labia minora to be treated.

After agreeing with you on the results to be achieved, the surgeon can begin the operation. The surgeon reduces the labia minora by gradually removing excess skin and mucous membrane.

This intervention is performed under local anaesthesia without hospitalization and lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

The result is visible immediately after the operation, but it will be definitive after 2 to 3 months. The result is natural, the surgeon takes care to preserve a protective edge on the small lips. Intimate grooming is very important to avoid any risk of infection.

side effects

Post-operative complications and risks are now rare. Nymphoplasty is not very painful. The resorbable sutures disappear spontaneously within 10 days.

Sexual intercourse is possible after 3 weeks post-operatively.

The result is to be evaluated at the 3rd month.


The contraindications to a nymphoplasty session are the following:

  • Diseases: Phlebitis and progressive pulmonary embolism.
  • Dysmorphophobia
  • Smoking: increases the risk of skin necrosis, which delays the healing process (it is then advisable to stop smoking for a few weeks before the intervention).
  • Medicament: Aspirin and derivatives (within the week before the intervention).
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