Breast surgery at the Clinique de la Croix d’Or

Cosmetic breast surgery is commonly performed on women but also on men.  For both sets of clients, the goal is to establish a balanced bust, well-adapted to the morphology.

Whether resconstructive or purely cosmetic, a wide range of possibilities exists.  One can aesthetically alter the bust through breast augmentation, with implants or lipofilling, or through reduction in the case of hypertrophy, or in the case of asymmetry or sagging breasts.

In every case, an aesthetic breast procedure touches one’s inner core, affecting the image of one’s ideal self and how that is communicated to others.  It is a project that needs to be created with truly specialized doctors like those at the Clinique de la Croix d’Or in Geneva.

We offer comprehensive care to all of our clients, from conception to completion of their aesthetic breast alteration, with full consideration of their wishes and morphology.  Our doctors accompany you from the first iteration of your desires, through the realization of all procedures, in order to ensure a result that truly corresponds with your expectations.


Breast ptosis treatment corrects sagging breasts.  This condition affects the mammary gland, as as well as the skin, which is often damaged and distended.  Various treatments are possible for each case, with or without the use of prosthetics.


Whether for reconstructive surgery or purely aesthetic, a panoply of solutions and materials exist for breast augmentation.  These make it possible to adapt to the shape and volume of the breasts and the silhouette.


Gynecomastia surgery corrects mammary glands that are overdeveloped in men, due to illness, weightloss, and certain medications. The operation removes excess tissue from the mammary gland, creating a more masculine aspect to the bust.


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