Geneva is coming back to life.  It is a great time to regroup, after all these weeks locked up at home.


Summer is approaching.  You are either one of those who, during this period, has enthusiastically devoted herself to exercise and are now “as fit as ever”, or like me, you have gained 5kg … minimum!


Here we are, coming out from confinement into the radiant sunshine.  We want to put on our cute little dresses, but what a disaster!  And now we need to shop for bikinis for the hot days to come.  How are we going to shed our extra pounds and complexes?


Just a Sunday morning jog and several balanced meals will not be sufficient in such a short time.  It is time to combine your efforts with our solutions!


Fortunately, we have several for you at the Clinique de la Croix d’Or and they all work!


Icy Cryolipolysis, Miha Bodytec coaching sessions, the famous LPG Cellu M6, and the incredible EMSculpt, will all easily and successfully get rid of unsightly curves.


It’s never too late to take care of yourself!

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