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If you are a student, we invite you to benefit from -15% on all our laser hair removal services!  From now until 31 December.

Conditions of the offer:

Available with the presentation of a student card, or a school certificate.

Are you tired of shaving or waxing?  Do you want to make up the time you waste at the beautician by permanently removing your unwanted hair?  Then laser hair removal is for you!  Here are four good reasons that will reaffirm your choice.

4 good reasons to choose laser hair removal :


The first reason, and not the least important, is to save time.  You no longer need to organize to make an appointment with the beautician!  No more last-minute shaves before going out, or unsightly red streaks from irritation. You will be able to use this saved time as you wish!


As the saying goes, time is money.  With laser hair removal, you save precious time.  This treatment does come with an upfront cost, but it completely makes sense as a long-term investment. If you do a quick calculation: how much do you have, and how much will you continue to spend on beauty sessions or products?  Laser hair removal is permanent, so you can determine precisely how much it will cost you never to set foot into a hair removal department or center again. Laser sessions are spread over several weeks, which will allow you to space your payments out over time.


Don’t miss going to the beach and stop covering up with clothes that are too warm. It’s time to show off your legs, and it’s time to enjoy every carefree moment. Remember how soft your baby skin was, and rediscover that feeling. Feel free to be yourself.


Laser treatment is not only cosmetic, it is also a therapeutic solution to treat ingrown hairs. In only a few sessions you can rediscover smooth, soft and hairless skin. Say good-bye to regrowth between two appointments at the hair removal salon. With permanent laser hair removal, you no longer have to wait for your hair to grow back in order to epilate again.

Still not convinced? We invite you to visit our page: Our solutions – laser hair removal. You will learn how a laser hair removal session works, the areas that can be treated, how it works, as well as the contraindications.

To find out about our different prices, go to the rates menu – laser hair removal prices.

If you have any further questions, or would like to speak to one of our practitioners, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or message through our contact form.

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