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1 to 2 months

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Are you looking for an innovative solution to whiten your teeth, capable of removing stains and imperfections from your dental enamel without the slightest danger to your health? The Y10 “low power” radio frequency device from BrighTonix makes it possible! By wearing a simple mouthpiece filled with Y10 toothpaste for 15-minute sessions, with no prior preparation, no pain and no post-treatment side effects, you will enjoy prodigious results!

This revolutionary system is used by the doctors and dental hygienists at your Clinique dentaire de la Croix d’Or in Geneva, allowing you to benefit from quality tooth whitening with immediate result.

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The Y10 Technology developed by BrighTonix allows the complete removal of dental stains and dyes to make teeth whiter. It is a safe and effective alternative to all dental treatments that whiten teeth. The device will be able to act in 4 steps :

1st step: The machine starts by generating a radiofrequency current, which allows the molecules in the Y10 toothpaste to charge up with energy to attack tooth discoloration.

2nd step: The radiofrequency current creates a rotating movement, acting almost 7 million times per second on the teeth!

Step 3: As the minutes go by, the more the Y10 toothpaste discolours the stains on the teeth.

4 step: When the session is over, the teeth are instantly whiter!


The Y10 by BrighTonix will make it possible to intervene on:

Tooth whitening: The association of the radiofrequency and the Y10 toothpaste allows to improve and accelerate the process of teeth whitening, by gaining several shades of light.

The refreshment of the oral breath: The toothpaste Y10 which is used during the session of teeth whitening has a mentholated taste, thus making it possible to bring a fresh breath.

Stimulation of the gums: Radio frequencies stimulate collagen and elastin in the gums, which results in a global cleaning of the mouth.


Your hygienist or dentist of the Croix d’Or will begin by identifying the actual colour of your teeth, using a shade guide.

Once the level of clarity of your teeth has been determined, your specialist will work with you to set a whiteness goal. The goal is of course to obtain the most natural result possible.  Now that you have agreed on a goal, the procedure to whiten your teeth can begin.

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During the intervention

Your dentist starts by applying Y10 whitening toothpaste in a disposable tray, which he or she attaches to your mouth. You simply keep the tray in your mouth and let the appliance work until the end of the procedure!

For a better comfort during the session, it is not necessary for you to press your teeth too tightly against the mouthpiece. You can swallow your saliva freely if you need to swallow, as the product used is absolutely not harmful to your health. Once the session is over, you can rinse your mouth with water.


After the intervention

The result is visible immediately! After each session, you can see an improvement in the whiteness of your teeth, up to six shades on average. The duration of the results may vary from one individual to another. Oral hygiene and the quality of brushing can affect how long white teeth stay white.


The BrighTonix session does not pose any major constraint: no side effects and no treatment after the operation. You can immediately smoke, drink and even eat what you want.

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