PRP Vampire Lift with Regen Lab (Swiss Made)

The Clinique esthétique de la Croix d’Or, in Geneva, husks for you certain aesthetic, dermatological or surgical procedures whose titles are sometimes a little barbaric. Today, let’s come back to the PRP or Vampire Lift treatment.

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The PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) injections are performed with the aim of tissue rejuvenation thanks to the regenerative qualities of blood plasma.

In one hour of treatment, your skin regains freshness and experiences an undeniable improvement in wrinkles, fine lines and texture.


After a simple blood test, platelets are isolated and then the many growth factors they contain are carefully recovered for re-injection into the desired areas.

These growth factors, not to be confused with growth hormone, will stimulate and induce the desired tissue response.

This technique, also called Vampire Lift in the media, has become a daily demand in our Clinique esthétique et médicale de la Croix d’Or.

For optimum results, three sessions are recommended with four-week intervals.

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