Hydrafacial in Geneva, the facial revolution at the Clinique de la Croix d’Or

Ahhh winter, it’s gray and you have the complexion to go with it…  Do you want luminous and healthy skin?  We have it here, ladies!  Step right up!


We are not necessarily experts about cosmetic treatments: peels, flash lamps, etc.  And actually, we may not even want to be.  All we dream of is a great skin cleansing that leaves the skin smooth, soft and clear, that erases fine lines, with results that last longer than from sessions at the beauty salon.  Yes!  We have found a miracle treatment!  It is called Hydrafacial and it is exclusive to practitioners at the Clinique de la Croix d´Or in Geneva.

how does neo-cleansing work ?

The entire Hydrafacial is performed by one device that performs gentle microdermabrasion, aspirates (eliminating excess sebum, dead cells and impurities in the pores), and then infuses the skin with treatment serums (moisturizing, clarifying , brightening or anti-aging). Hydrafacial offers blackhead extraction, glycolic and salicylic acid peels, and LED application as a bonus.

how does it work ?

After your skin diagnosis, the machine will be put in place.  This can be a little impressive at first, but don’t worry, the treatment is completely painless. It is a completely non-invasive treatment.  You definitely don’t have to believe “you have to suffer to be beautiful”.  This is great for those of us who believe in comfort above all.

The treatment lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour and is carried out in four stages. Several disposable tips are used.

the four steps

1. Cleansing gets rid of the dead cells and the sebum which stagnate on the surface of the skin.

2. A gentle peel is performed with salicylic and/or glycolic acids to exfoliate the skin and extract any impurities imbedded in the pores.

3. Extraction is performed with suction that is painless.

4. Serums: the fourth and last step– different highly concentrated serums and vitamins are applied for hydration and deep treatment. These serums are key to making Hydrafacial successful.

the results

Results are visible from the first session.  For long-term maintenance, it is advisable to do one session per month.  The products in your daily skincare routine, such as the UNIVERSKIN range, will be absorbed better and will be more effective.  Great news for your skin!

Isn’t it beautiful?

You heard it here: it is THE miracle treatment, and it can be found at the Clinique de la Croix d´Or in Geneva!

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