Greyness, cold, wind, frost and snow… all these factors put our dearest skin to the test.

Mercury in free fall, we light chimneys and heaters, the ambient air dries out, and we have to admit that our epidermis is taking its toll!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to reveal the best of the tricks that will allow you to look good and radiant for the upcoming Christmas holidays. The Clinique de la Croix d’Or tells you everything!


The use of a cleanser is one of the best defences against dry and cracked skin. Yes, but without aggression!

Forget about detergents such as facial wipes, which remove natural oils from the skin and thus dry it out. We opt for a soft and moisturizing facial cleanser without soap, alcohol nor perfume.

The + prefers a small cleansing brush (six times more effective than manual cleansing) that allows a gentle contact and a deep action.

Recommendation: Make sure to use warm water rather than hot water to avoid drying your skin even more and sponge gently to limit the risk of irritation and dehydration.


Winter season means dry lips and wings of the nose, scaly face and hands. To fight this, exfoliation should always be done before moisturizing.

Small dead skin cells are removed to restore smoother skin and condition it to welcome daily skin care products.

The + proceed upstream of the great Siberian cold to a superficial peel in the Clinique de la Croix d’Or in order to limit this dryness and skin desquamation.

Recommendation: The exfoliating mask is a great ally for a gentle cell renewal.


The application of a good moisturiser is one of the most vital parts of a winter skin care regimen, as it replenishes the skin with valuable lipids, essential components of a healthy barrier function, thus restoring moisture.

The + look for a cream or serum with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid or other active ingredients that contain 1 very high water content; also think of vitamin E, which is excellent for combating pollution (such as the care products in the UNIVERSKIN range from the Clinique de la Croix d’Or).

The ++ At the Clinique de la Croix d’Or, we offer you a complete check-up of your skin in order to determine the type of care you need for your skin.

Our favourite on: The Universkin personalized serum, created on the spot by our assistants, for an optimum result combined with the ideal nourishing balm very occlusive for winter irritations without paraben or perfume.

The recommendation: Remember to moisturize and nourish your body and face just after showering to help retain moisture in the skin.


Your skin doesn’t like bad UV rays, and in winter it is too easy to forget, because of the low temperatures, that these directly attack it, causing dryness and burns, sometimes even more serious lesions.

If you thought you were done with the daily sunscreen display in the summer, you are not! The sun block cream or protections with a minimum sun protection factor of 30 is therefore exposed to the reverberations of the sun’s rays on snow and ice.

The + the Universkin sunscreen has a fine and light texture that allows it to be applied over any kind of care.

The recommendation: Same process as on the beach, apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outside and reapply if necessary.


We stay active to stimulate natural radiance!

In the summer, we spend most of our time outdoors which makes us feel and look better.

In cold weather, wrapped up under our duvet watching the snow fall, we are immediately less motivated to stick a toe out.

And yet, we will have to shake ourselves up a little to avoid the pale and tired complexion of the non-active! Going outside to get some fresh air will help stimulate circulation, keep your pulse rate up and your glow intact. You commit to walking for at least 20 minutes a day to get a natural glow.

The + we favour sports activities to keep your tone (such as Miha Bodytec sessions with a personal trainer live off us so that we never let go) and we test mesotherapy, this prodigious treatment that confers radiance to the complexion, tone and anti-aging virtues of the skin within the Aslan Medical Centre itself.

Recommendation: In addition to all these tips, it is important to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and maintain the elasticity of your skin.

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